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This website uses video provided, as embedded sources, by the original content producers via their websites. Additionally, this website will also use publicly available video via sites such as YouTube. In all cases, this website does not host the videos, this website does control the content of the videos, and this website is merely posting the videos for visitors to view. Any complaints, or questions, about videos on this site should be directed to the organizations who are actually hosting the videos.

News Articles:
This website makes it a practice of:

1. Including a direct link back to the original source of the article/information. This will always appear as the first line in each posting.

2. Posting all credit to the original author (by-lines)

3. Posting all relevant date and times associated with the story

4. Not modifying the original story’s content, message, or intent

If you are the author, copyright holder, or other interested party and do not want your story published on this website you can have it removed via a DMCA complaint. Please read the below “Fair Use” statement before filing such complaint.

Fair Use:
As stated in “News Articles” we provide full link back (traffic to your website), and full credit (reputation boost), to the author/source of each posting. Additionally, this is a non-profit website with NO advertising (we do not make money). This site is a public service site with NO commercial interests (we do not make money). This site does not use: Google Adwords, banner advertisements, PPC (pay per click), etc. to generate revenue from the postings in place (we do not make money). This website is self financed by the creators with NO attempt at financial gain from the postings contained on the website. (we do not care about making money)

Please also review this page about the recent ruling by Judge Judge James Mahan, who is presiding over Righthaven LLC v. CIO:

DMCA, questions, and concerns can be directed to: DMCA e-mail address for TSA Goons Please use subject: DMCA

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